Crate Gallery

Crate Gallery exhibitions are an opportunity for artists to mingle.

Crate Concept

Crate Concept is a curated boutique store combining Bali’s best designer labels.

Crate Lounge

Coming Soon.


About Us

A space where good music, good food, good coffee and good people meet, and create good vibes.

Our ethos is to Create a Community. Keep it simple and keep it consistent is our motto. These days people want to buy into an experience and a lifestyle more than just a product or service. Crate is so much more than a cafe, its a family. Crate was opened in April 2014, by us ( Nyoman and Maree ) to service the hungry needs of the Canggu community. We both have a love for coffee and getting it right was our aim. We outsourced local suppliers to ensure produce was delivered fresh daily. As the community grew, so did we. And in November 2017, we moved to our new premises to continue doing what we love.


Crate Coffee

A mix of Indonesian beans from three different islands Sumatera, Java and Bali.
Flavour : Citrus , Dark Chocolate , Brown Sugar, Herb and Spice .

A combination of local coffee ingenuity with modern coffee preparation in the form of espresso, to produce a unique bold flavour.

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 11.12.24

Cold Brew

Delivered fresh daily.



Kick start each day with our fresh juices containing fruit or vegetables with no added sugar - take your pick !


Busy morning ? Skip the sugar, our fruit is sweet enough. Our dairy free smoothies are awesome.

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Smoothie Bowls

There's the culture and picture perfect landscape - and there's Crate Smoothie Bowls - frozen fruit or add ACAI to boost your energy.

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Chia or not? Chia seeds are amongst the healthiest foods on the planet. One of our favourite, BLUEBS, Blue Spirulina has radical health benefits.

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When your stomach starts to rumble - head to Crate - our relaxed creative approach to life, partnered with delicious dishes is the perfect break, no matter what time of day - mission accomplished.

A home kitchen for the ever growing community of Canggu, we have good food and its insta worthy, with gluten free and vegan options, just let our friendly staff know.


Jalan Canggu Padang Linjong
Canggu, Bali


- Free Wifi & On Site Parking
- Non Smoking Interior
- Outdoor Seating
- Transport service on request


Everyday from 6am - 5pm


[email protected]